Xscape Corporate


1| Food and Drinks

Our team has delivered on a wide range of food & drink festivals during our time – whether it’s creating events dedicated to wining and dining from the ground up, to re-branding and relaunching existing festivals or even booking food and drink concessions onto existing live events such as music festivals and community events.

To create a feast of the senses we look at ways to champion local producers and showcase artisan products, innovative street food traders alongside a quality range of bars. Our food & drink events are on-trend and packed with loads of flavour!

2| Culture

We pride ourselves on creating events with a real sense of identity, astounding in every aspect from show-stopping entertainment to colourful and vibrant atmospheres. We’re from diverse Culture of East Africa and have a big love for the arts – it’s in our blood!

From exhibitions to concerts, open air live music events to cultural celebrations – we can help organisers to put on a spectacular show. What’s more, with our specialities in marketing, production design and event management we can get involved in one specific area, or provide expert help and support right across the board.

3| Music

Are you an existing promoter looking for event support? What about consultation on improving production, sound or having someone take care of your festival logistics?

As festival organisers ourselves we understand that it’s all about excellence in planning and production. Our ability to utilise connections with top artist agencies and event suppliers, coupled with in-house event management and marketing expertise means that we can work to produce great results for your concert or show. From sourcing and managing staging to world-class audio-visual production, we’ve got the ability to make your project a real show-stopper!

4| Services

Do you own an existing event and you’re looking to refresh and re- launch? Or are you looking for specific support in areas like brand and marketing, planning and production, procurement and financial planning, programming and booking, sales, staffing and more?!

We’ve got a wide range of experience in festival creation and management, we’ve been running our own events and producing amazing results for clients over the last ten years.