Xscape Corporate


1| Launches

If there’s one thing that all new businesses or brand campaigns need – it’s the perfect lift-off. Launch events should go a lot further than just aiming for a bit of press – they are valuable tools for you to kick-start your company’s journey.

Whether it’s for a new restaurant or store, a brand new product or anentirely new concept! We’ll help you to put on a good show and gain a measurable return on investment. So build a real experience around your brand, deliver important communications and provide a platform for people to engage and participate. It’s all about leaving that big first impression with influencers, clients and potential customers.

2| Campaigns

Ever thought of events as a valuable medium for delivering campaign activity to promote your business? It’s more cost-effective than you might think and it’s certainly a good way of ensuring that you get the most out of your communications. Live event experiences combined with online, digital, physical and media promotion can really help things to take off.

We’ve got a whole range of solutions for reaching your relevant audience and driving home those key messages!

3| Experientials

Bring your brand to life – we build experiences around brands with events, providing tangible ways to begin to make your marketing activity work for you.

Why not reinforce your key messages by connecting directly with people in the real world and do things that you might not be able to achieve through traditional forms of marketing – such as sampling, collecting specific consumer data or even generating sales. Evaluate the wider success of your campaign to see some real, measurable returns on your investment with our support.

4| Services

We’ll work with you to set clear objectives for campaign work – whether it’s to sell more tickets, engage with new / existing clients or even launch a new project or business. We’ll design a creative, content-led strategy across digital & physical media or through live event experiences that’s always based around your project goals and how we can achieve results.

Collect data, gather information on your audiences and see a measurable return from that investment!